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Month: February 2014


As winter continues its icy grip, we want to offer tips for preventing frostbite. Frostbite occurs when the skin and tissue beneath it freeze. Typically, this affects exposed areas including fingers, nose, and ears.  Symptoms can range from mild to severe. Typically a bout of mild frostbite is easily treated by re-heating the skin with …

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Strep Throat

Strep throat is a common and contagious infection caused by Group A streptococcus bacteria. Although it can affect anyone; it is especially common among children. Strep throat is usually treated with an antibiotic. If one is prescribed to you, make sure to always finish the medication. To alleviate symptoms in the meantime, a pain reliever or …

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Snow Related Injuries

Given the significant snowfalls in New Jersey this winter, we would like to offer some tips to help prevent winter weather injuries. When it comes to shoveling snow, make sure to stay safe by: Using the shovel properly. Hold it as intended and don’t try to lift too much snow. Not over-exerting yourself. When you …

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Avoiding Winter Sports Injuries

Prior to participating in your favorite winter sports, AFC Urgent Care Urgent Care would like to provide a few tips for avoiding injuries this season. Stay in shape. An out of shape body can be more prone to injury. Warm up your muscles. Cold muscles can lead to injury. If you are new to a …

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