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Sports Injuries

Spring sports are beginning across the state of New Jersey. Here are a few tips for avoiding injuries:
1. Start slow: If you have not been active recently, you many need to ease into the sport. Start with light physical activity and gradually work your way up.
2. Get a physical: Most, if not all, sport teams require a thorough physical. Please remember to bring the necessary paperwork to be completed by your healthcare provider.
3. Hydrate: If you are dehydrated, injuries are more likely to occur.
4. Diet: Always eat breakfast. Do not eat a heavy meal less than 3 hours before to a vigorous workout or game.
If you find yourself injured this spring, visit AFC Urgent Care in South Plainfield. AFC Urgent Care is a walk-in urgent care center that treats most non-life threatening illnesses and injuries.  Patients are seen and treated by board-certified physicians.  Visit us today at 907 Oak Tree Avenue in South Plainfield or call 908-222-3500.