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Month: January 2015

Winter Safety Tips: Ice Skating

Ice Skating is a wonderful winter tradition and fun form of exercise that people of all ages can enjoy. Nevertheless, a lack of safety and awareness can easily lead to serious injury from breaks to sprains to head trauma.   Thankfully, sports injury from ice skating can be easily prevented with a few easy steps. …

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Don't Let the Flu Beat You Down

Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a scary report, outlining the severity of the flu this year. Due to an uptick in deaths attributed to the flu, the CDC declared the flu had reached epidemic status. While that sounds serious, there are still ways for you to ward off the flu and …

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CDC Says: Flu Reaches Epidemic Level

The recent and tragic death of a 17 year old teen from Michigan has many concerned about the flu epidemic currently on rise in the United States. Statistics show that flu activity is high in nearly half the country — 22 states and Puerto Rico, and experts are urging people to take preventive action by …

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