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Month: January 2016

Do you Know What Black Ice is?

What is Black Ice? Black ice, which is sometimes called clear ice, refers to a thin coating of glaze ice on a surface, especially on roads. How Does Black Ice Form? Black ice forms when the temperature is at 32 °F or below and some form of precipitation is falling on a road surface that is at a temperature below 0 °C. When …

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Flu Season Facts, Part 1

The influenza virus is a seasonal epidemic that typically hits the United States around October and can last until May. Even though this is a yearly occurrence, there are still some misconceptions about the flu and what people should do to protect themselves. To keep our readers informed, we are doing a two-part series on …

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Beware of Winter Weather Hazards!

After an unseasonably warm start on the East Coast, winter is finally letting us feel its chill. It might seem like yesterday that high temperatures were breaking records all over the place, so it can be easy to disregard the recent cold. Winter weather can present a lot of hazards though, so it’s important to …

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