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How to Stay on Track with Your New Year’s Resolutions

runningProgress report!  It’s a few weeks into the new year!  Have you started your New Year’s Resolutions yet?
If you’re like most us, you probably haven’t started working toward your yearly goals, yet.  Why is that?  Many of us set unrealistic goals such as trying to lose 65 pounds in the first quarter of the year, or we’re not specific about our goals, such as wanting to be “healthier.”
Here are six tactics to help you accomplish your goals for the year.
Set clear intentions:  If your goal is to be “healthier,” figure out what exactly that means to you, whether it’s joining your local gym, cleaning up your diet, or increasing your water intake.
Focus on one task at a time: Don’t become a jack of all trades and a master at none.  Tackle projects one at a time so you can focus your attention on what truly matters rather than doing too many tasks that overwhelms you.
Try monthly challenges: Break up your yearly projects into 30-challenges to help you better track your progress month over month.  You’ll see how much you truly accomplished at the end of the year!
Make it fun: If you’re not going to enjoy it, you’re going to end up dreading it.  Choose goals that you know are going to benefit you and will be enjoyable.  If you want to become physically active but don’t like being confined to a gym, opt for outdoor activities such as bike riding, swimming, or running.  
Map out your goals:  Writing down your goals or creating a vision board helps you build concrete goals that you can see and creates physical affirmations rather than just keeping it in your head.
Pencil it in: When you put working out or grocery shopping in your calendar, you will prioritize it like any other appointment rather than putting it on the backburner.