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The Most Common College Move-in Injuries and How to Avoid Them

campus signParents: You’re probably just as nervous about getting that mini-fridge up three flights of stairs as your freshman is meeting their roommates.
Moving can be a complete pain in the hide – figuratively and literally if you’re not careful.  The last thing you’d want to happen in the midst of moving all of your college student’s belongings in their dorm room is to be sidelined by an injury…and embarrassing them in front of a potential crush.
Here are a few common injuries that happen during college move-in day and how you can avoid them.

Sprained Ankles

All it takes is one misstep when you can’t see where you’re walking, and you roll your ankle.
How to Avoid Sprained Ankles
Create a clear, wide path for moving things around the room to lower the risk of slips and falls.  Also, be sure to wear the right shoes such as tennis shoes with a good grip, or work boots.

Strained Back

No part of your body feels a move as much as your back.  Even if you’ve been prepping yourself all week for move-in day, you can end up throwing your back out of whack or worse when rearranging furniture.
How to Avoid Back Injuries
Technique makes a huge difference when it comes to avoid back injuries during a move.
If you’ve heard the saying, “lift with your knees and not with your back,” this will help you avoid back injuries by squatting to lift heavy objects rather than bending at the waist.

Broken Fingers and Toes

All that running around, unloading things from your vehicle, carrying boxes, and moving beds, your hands are going to be busy, and you’ll be on your feet all day, which can lead to injury.  All it takes is one dropped box to do some serious damage.
How to Avoid Broken Fingers and Toes
Wearing heavy-duty gloves and closed-toe shoes are a must on move-in day.  Also, make sure you can easily see where you are going when carrying items and boxes and enlist help when you need it.

Injury Treatment at AFC Urgent Care South Plainfield

Hurt on move-in day?  No worries! AFC Urgent Care South Plainfield provides treatment for a range of injuries including:

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  • And More

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