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The Importance of STD Testing

couple talking in bedYour sexual health should be a main priority throughout the year, but with September being Sexual Health Awareness Month, let’s take a closer took as to why STD testing is a topic many people don’t like to talk about.
STD testing is an important aspect of maintaining good sexual health, and knowing when to get tested and what to get tested for keeps you and your partner safe. Let’s discuss some of the facts you need to know about STD testing to maintain a happy and healthy sex life.

You might have an STD and not know it 

Many STDs present themselves with little-to-no symptoms. If there are symptoms, they may mirror symptoms of other conditions such as the cold or flu. STDs that present no symptoms are very dangerous and can be easily overlooked, which means they could be passed along to other partners before being detected.

You should get tested regularly

Anybody who is sexually active should be regularly tested for STDs. Getting tested once a year is recommended, or more frequently if you have multiple partners or have changed partners since last tested. Finding an STD testing location is easy and there are low-cost services available if you can’t afford traditional testing. Certain groups, including bi-sexual or gay males, should be tested more frequently than others to maintain optimum safety.

You don’t have to have intercourse to get an STD

STDs can be spread through oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, or through blood from shared needles and drug materials. Just because you aren’t having traditional intercourse doesn’t mean you don’t need to get tested.

Ask your partners if they’ve been tested 

In addition to getting tested regularly yourself, you should ask all of your sexual partners when they were last tested and what the results were. Don’t be afraid to ask how many sexual partners they’ve had and what their sexual history is. If they don’t want to answer, that’s a red flag.

Most STDs are treatable 

STD testing can be scary, and many people avoid it for fear of what the results will say, but most STDs are easily treatable. The sooner an STD is detected, the sooner you can begin treatment and inform your past sexual partners that they may need to be tested, as well. If you do have a more serious STD that can’t be cured, there are ways to manage the symptoms and continue to live a normal life. Knowledge is power and it’s your responsibility to have the knowledge about your own body and sexual health before being with a partner.

STD Testing at AFC Urgent Care South Plainfield

Our walk-in urgent care center tests a range of common STDs on a walk-in basis.  We provide discreet testing, so you can have peace of mind receiving testing with us.  For more information about our STD testing services, or other services we provide, please call us at 908-222-3500.