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Importance of Regular Employment Physicals

Based on your profession, your employer may require you to undergo a physical examination as part of your hiring process or a condition of your employment. Nearly any employer can request a worker to undergo a physical, though they are more common in more physically-intensive fields such as the military, public service, healthcare, and transportation. How often you will need to undergo a physical is dependent on your employer or government requirements, depending on your field.

Factors Determining How Often You Need a Physical

A common duration between physicals is every 1-3 for adults between the ages of 22-64. However, it can be more frequent if your job is physically intensive and your performance can affect the safety of others, or certain risk factors apply to you. DOT and Basic Med Flight health certifications must be renewed every two years in order to maintain your employment licenses. Risk factors that may increase the frequency of your exams include:

  • You have a chronic condition including diabetes or heart disease.
  • Your eyesight has changed dramatically, resulting in a change of your prescription for corrective lenses.
  • You have high blood pressure.

What are the Benefits of Employment Physicals?

Businesses, employees and new hires can each benefit from regular employment physicals. New hires can make an informed decision on whether or not to accept a job offer based on their physical results and the requirements of the position at hand. If the physician notices a development of a previously unknown medical condition in the results of a new hire or current employee, they will be able to develop a treatment plan that works for the employee’s needs in order to prevent the condition from worsening or affecting job performance. By recording data early into employment, the physician will be able to detect most newer conditions in less time than without a baseline. The business itself sees a financial benefit from employment physicals: rather than spending time and money on training a new hire that will be unable to perform the job to expectations, hiring managers and HR departments will be able to focus on viable candidates who meet qualifications. Periodic employment physicals also increase the level of productivity in the workplace because each worker is able to perform their duties safely and without issue.
Are you looking to make a change in your career, or need recertification for your current position? Visit AFC Urgent Care South Plainfield for a pre-employment physical. We also offer DOT exams and BasicMed Flight physicals, working with local companies to meet the specifications for each position.