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Benefits of Occupational Health Services

Keeping your employees safe is one of your top priorities as a business owner: a healthy workforce is more productive, keeping your on-schedule and ensuring you meet your company goals. Even if your facility has strenuous safety regulations and protocols in place, accidents can still occur resulting in employee injury regardless of your workplace. By adding an occupational health component of your general health program, you will be able to maintain the health and safety of your workers and visitors to your facility. Benefits of occupational health programs include:

Lower healthcare costs

If an employee is injured in your facility or on your worksite, they will be entitled to a certain number of doctor’s visits to monitor the injury before being cleared to return to work. However, they will need to continue going in for regular appointments until they are cleared to return. By having them go to a walk-in urgent care center specializing in occupational health, you will be able to know they are getting treatment designed to get them back to work quickly, and know that they are ready to return instead of rushing back before they are ready.

Coverage for workplace injuries

Our walk-in urgent care center is equipped to treat a wide range of workplace injuries and making worker’s compensation claims, ensuring a clear line of communication between center, employee and employer. All treatment will follow New Jersey state regulations, from initial care to clearing for return to work.

A safer space for employees

In addition to treating workplace injuries, our staff can perform any examinations necessary to ensure that each employee is medically fit to perform the duties associated with their position. We perform pre-employment physicals as well as hair and urine drug testing daily, which can be processed and analyzed in our on-site lab for quicker results.

Consistent record-keeping

One thing that can make it difficult to keep track of testing schedules is inconsistent paperwork and records. By utilizing one center for your occupational health needs, you’ll be sure that each patient’s records are in the same format and contain the same data so you can keep everything in line.

Worker’s Compensation & Occupational Health in Edison, Piscataway & South Plainfield, NJ

If you are interested in learning more and signing up for an occupational heath program for your business, contact AFC Urgent Care South Plainfield today! We will be able to develop a health plan that works for each member of your business and employees will be able to visit on a walk-in basis. For questions, please call 908-222-3500.