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What to Know About Workers Comp Benefits

As an employee, understanding worker’s compensation rights is vital, especially in times of ill health. Knowing what to do after a work-place injury occurs is beneficial. The first step in understanding worker’s compensation rights is knowing what injuries and illnesses are covered. Taking the right steps, following an accident, to maximize worker compensation benefits will help in the recovery process, physically, emotionally, and financially. Understanding worker’s compensation rights will help to secure the future for you and those who depend on you.

Hurt on The Job?

Seeking immediate treatment after any work-related injury, no matter how minor, will be the best defense in seeking worker’s compensation benefits and regaining health. Often, workers may be hesitant to see a doctor. Hesitation to seek medication attention can stem from a fear of missing out on wages, employer intimidation, or lack of resources. However, hesitation to seek medical help is extremely detrimental to overall health. Not only can a job be jeopardized by poor performance but working with an injury can have can cause lasting health issues that last a lifetime.

Seeking immediate medical attention is also important in building a case. Employers look for opportunities to avoid paying for any medical fees and out of work compensation an employee may be owed. Employers and insurance companies spend millions of dollars every year fighting worker’s compensation claims. Getting treatment at the first sign of trouble will help you in filing a legitimate workers compensation claim.

Doctors That Help with Workers Compensation Claims

While many worker’s compensation claims come from emergent situations, not all injuries are as obvious. Depending on state laws and employer policies, the procedure to rightfully claim worker’s compensation benefits varies. Knowing state laws and company policies is extremely important when filing a claim.

Choosing the right doctor is a decision that will greatly affect what happens in the long run. Choosing a doctor that you trust will not only affect the treatment received, but it can also alter the results of the claim. Employers are interested in the bottom line, and that includes choosing doctors that work in their favor. Taking the time to do research and choose a trustworthy doctor will be worth it.

Speaking with A Doctor who Handles Workers’ Compensation

Doctors rely heavily on accurate patient histories to paint a picture of health. What a patient says or does in scrupulously analyzed to form a diagnosis.

  • Be honest. While it may be tempting to exaggerate pain, but honest with your doctor about the symptoms you are experiencing to ensure you receive the care you require. 
  • Be detailed. Don’t downplay or exclude details, no matter how minor they may seem.
  • Be accurate. Doctors are always busy, so take control of the appointment. Make sure any answers given are correct and confident and if it is hard to remember what happened, don’t guess.

Get Help Today in Edison & South Plainfield, NJ

Getting help with worker’s compensation benefits questions and services is not uncommon. A service that you may find yourself in need of after a workplace injury is the installation and maintenance of synthetic turf indoors and out. Don’t let injuries slow you down! Visit AFC Urgent Care South Plainfield for immediate diagnosis and care. Our walk-in urgent care center is open seven days a week, with hours into the evenings for unexpected injuries. For questions, please call 908-222-3500.