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How to Prevent Catching the Flu This Fall

How will you protect yourself during the flu season this fall? You can minimize your risk of catching the flu virus if you take appropriate action. There are thousands of infections and hospitalizations each year during the flu season. You cannot determine beforehand how severe the flu season will be. Instead, you can prevent catching the flu by taking preventative measures that will help you to stay protected. Consider these helpful measures that you can adopt to keep the flu at bay.

Prioritize Getting a Flu Shot

It’s a wise choice to get the flu vaccine early before the flu season starts. The flu has the potential to be a serious disease that can result in hospitalization and sometimes even death if it’s severe enough. Influenza infection doesn’t affect everyone the same way. Getting the annual seasonal flu vaccine is the primary way to help protect yourself against the influenza virus. Flu vaccines trigger antibody development in the body, roughly two weeks following vaccination, and this helps to protect against infection with the viruses that are used in creating the vaccine. The flu shot is beneficial in that it minimizes the risk of flu illnesses, hospitalizations, and even the risk of flu-related death in children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Stay Away From Crowds

It’s never a good idea to go in a crowded space or attend a large gathering, especially during peak flu season. It’s best to avoid unnecessary crowds as much as possible to limit the chance of catching the flu. Coming in contact with a large number of people, who you have no idea what they’ve been exposed to, their hygiene practices, or even if they already have the flu without any symptoms showing can increase your risk of exposure to the virus. You also don’t want to be in the same air space with a large number of people, especially if it’s poorly ventilated, breathing in contaminated air. If you have to be in a crowd, stay away from people who are sick by as much as six feet.

Make it a Habit to Wash Your Hands Frequently

Germs are everywhere and your hands touch multiple surfaces during a single day. Whatever is on those surfaces, your hands pick up like a magnet picking up metal. With the flu virus being able to  “live” on some surfaces for 48 hours, washing your hands after touching particular surfaces is vital to prevent catching the flu. Touching the face, nose, mouth, and eyes with germ-carrying hands without a second thought can get you sick. Limit your risk of getting the flu by washing your hands after occasions like using the restroom, touching dirty surfaces, and before eating and putting your hands in the region of your face. Spend about 15-20 seconds washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water, and use an alcohol-based hand-sanitizer as an alternative if need be.

Keep Your Diet Healthy 

Sticking with a healthy diet has so many benefits and one is aiding to keep influenza infections at bay. How does a healthy diet do that? Your body’s immune system is your shield against infections, and a healthy, nutritious diet helps to boost the immune system so it’s strong enough to do its job. A strong immune system will attack the flu virus and prevent illness. Make maintaining a balanced diet that is rich in nutritious foods a priority. Avoid sugary and fatty foods, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Walk-In Flu Shots in South Plainfield & Edison, NJ 

Why wait to protect yourself from catching the flu this season? Visit AFC Urgent Care South Plainfield for a flu shot and flu treatment before it’s too late. Your health is a priority and we are here to deliver optimal care when you need it the most. Visit us today and experience first-class care and service delivery. AFC Urgent Care South Plainfield can be reached by calling 908-222-3500.