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Thanksgiving Related Injuries That Require Treatment

Thanksgiving is a fun time filled with friends, family, and delicious food! Unfortunately, it’s also filled with injuries and illnesses for lots of people. It’s never fun to spend part of your holiday getting medical treatment, but sometimes it’s necessary. Let’s take a look at common illness and injuries that may put you in the ER or urgent care this thanksgiving.

Common Thanksgiving Related Injuries and Illnesses

Certain types of injuries are more common to happen on thanksgiving than others. Some of the most common include:

  • Cuts and lacerations – carving a turkey is dangerous. If you make the mistake of cutting towards yourself or not paying enough attention, you can quickly end up with a wound that requires stitches or staples.
  • Muscle injuries – you can injure your muscles in multiple ways. Rather you use the wrong technique taking a heavy dish out of the oven, or make a wrong turn outside playing turkey day football, muscle injuries are never pleasant. The severity and location of your injury should be inspected by a medical professional to ensure you receive the treatment you need.
  • Food poisoning – if food isn’t cooked to the proper temperature or stored correctly, bacteria can begin to grow. That bacteria can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and a fever associated with food poisoning. Food poisoning can range in severity from mild to a severe case that causes dehydration. Preventing food poisoning is a matter of doing your research, using a thermometer while you cook, and storing food at the correct temperature.
  • Toddler intoxication – if your little one appears lethargic, unsteady, or confused, they may be suffering from toddler intoxication. Toddlers are very curious and all it takes is a few adults to leave their almost empty cups within reach for a toddler to grab the drink and become intoxicated. They should be treated immediately if you suspect your toddler has become intoxicated.

ER VS Urgent Care

When illness or injury occurs on Thanksgiving and you’re in need of medical care there are two choices – the emergency room or an urgent care center. If someone is bleeding profusely, unconscious, experiencing chest pain, or displaying other life-threatening symptoms, visit an emergency room right away or dial 911. For minor injuries, food poisoning, and small lacerations, a visit to a nearby urgent care center is the best choice. If you’re unsure rather you should go to an urgent care or ER, call before you go to determine the best course of action.