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What Happens During a Sports Physical?

Every year, a student-athlete has to go through a sports physical exam. A sports physical is a mandatory physical examination concerning the athlete’s safety. It is just like any regular physical check-up, except you can do it in the school in a mass setting. Ultimately, it ensures the quality of your child’s physical condition and longevity.

Why Your Child Needs a Sports Physical?

Sports physical is an obligatory check-up of the student-athletes. The physical examination happens before the summer or winter season. Furthermore, it can also happen throughout the year despite the off-season. The main purpose of the sports physical is to examine whether your child is susceptible to any potential injuries. When your child competes at a high level throughout the year, minor injuries are likely to show up.

A child cannot notice injuries such as these, which is why the sports physical is so important. A sports physical manages to diagnose and address these injuries in time. Putting additional stress over these injuries can lead to worse outcomes. Thus, with the help of the sports physical, the physician anticipates the danger and advises the suitable treatment and recovery period to the child.

What Happens at a Sports Physical?

In a sports physical, the physician or the doctor will require a complete medical overview of the student. This involves the medical history, including information of any susceptible condition that runs in the family. Moreover, they will assess the height and weight of the student-athlete, along with the musculoskeletal exam. More importantly, the physician will ensure that your child’s cardiac conditions are stable for exertion.

Overall, a sports physical is the same as a regular doctor’s appointment check-up. However, it is important to note that the sports physical concentrates on the athletic conditions of the child and not their medical health. Therefore, you should always situate one health care provider for your child that knows their medical history.

How Long can a Sports Physical Take?

There are three main venues where you can get your child’s sports physical. The first one is their primary doctor, where the exam is likely to be more thorough and time-consuming. On the other hand, sports physicals that take place in schools usually take less time because of the mass setting. Another option is a chiropractor; however, most professionals advise against it. That said, a sports physical can normally take up to 20 to 30 minutes.

A sports physical exam is an essential part of your child’s sports career. Hence, find a local urgent care center; they will provide you with quick service in terms of sports physicals. Furthermore, their check-up will surely guarantee accuracy.