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Preventing Injuries as You Decorate for the Holidays

It’s natural to want to make your home cheery this time of year, matching your surroundings to the festive mood. However, injuries are on the rise as you hang lights, carve turkeys and leave your tree unattended. Keep yourself and your family safe this holiday season by following these tips. Tree Safety When you find …

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Turkey Carving Safety Tips

Nothing says Thanksgiving more than watching football, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and the enticing aroma of turkey.  But every year, many end up cutting their hands while carving a turkey. While your friends and family are watching you carve the turkey, you may feel a little overwhelmed, your palms may get sweaty, and next …

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Wash Your Hands, The Right Way

Frequent hand-washing is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and spreading germs.  As you touch people, hard surfaces, and objects throughout the day, you accumulate germs on your hands that can get you sick when you touch your eyes, nose or mouth.   How to Properly Wash Your Hands It’s nearly impossible …

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The Importance of STD Testing

Your sexual health should be a main priority throughout the year, but with September being Sexual Health Awareness Month, let’s take a closer took as to why STD testing is a topic many people don’t like to talk about. STD testing is an important aspect of maintaining good sexual health, and knowing when to get …

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The Most Common College Move-in Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Parents: You’re probably just as nervous about getting that mini-fridge up three flights of stairs as your freshman is meeting their roommates. Moving can be a complete pain in the hide – figuratively and literally if you’re not careful.  The last thing you’d want to happen in the midst of moving all of your college …

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Why do I need to be vaccinated?

Before vaccines were available, many suffered from the effects of catching serious life-altering and life-threatening diseases such as influenza, measles, mumps, hepatitis B and C, and others.  Some of the effects included becoming paralyzed, having brain damage, and even death from vaccine-preventable diseases. Since vaccines became available 50 years ago, they have become one of …

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