Flu Shots

examination roomIt is highly recommended that everyone over the age of six months receive an annual flu shot.  Children and those over the age of 65 are at the greatest risk from the flu and its related complications.  The influenza virus is estimated to cause thousands of deaths annually that could readily be avoided with a simple vaccination.  Since the flu is a constantly changing virus, a new vaccine is developed every year.  Patients cannot contract the flu from the vaccine since the vaccine is made out of a weakened form of the virus so as to enable the immune system to create appropriate antibodies as a defense.  Should you subsequently come into contact with the live virus, these antibodies will keep you from getting sick.
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AFC Urgent Care South Plainfield offers the seasonal flu vaccine.  Call us at 908-222-3500 or visit us at 907 Oak Tree Avenue (at the corner of Park Avenue) next to Super A&P in the Oak Park Commons Center in South Plainfield.  We are open extended hours and walk-ins are always welcome.